27 февраля 2018


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The U.S. Department of State Administration, North America High-Level Talks Deferred, purely scheduling issues

The U.S. State Department has extended the North American high-level meeting, which was originally scheduled for Friday, by saying, "It is a matter of simple scheduling.

In a statement at midnight shortly after the 스포츠토토추천 November 6 midterm elections, Secretary of State Mike Pompeio and North Korea`s Vice Chairman Kim Young-chul were put off for a high-level meeting in New York.

When asked why he made the announcement at night, State Department spokesman Robert Paladino said, "We decided to disclose the information as soon as we checked it out," adding, "Is there no schedule set again?"

"In fact, the schedule changes all the time. It is a matter of re-setting the schedule, saying, "Sometimes, we disclose it (outside) and sometimes we don't disclose it." That's all. We will reschedule when the schedule allows it.

"It's all about our ability to schedule," he said after the same question. I won't say any more. "That's all," he said. However, when asked which side cancelled the talks, he declined to answer immediately, saying, "There is nothing to answer."

"There is nothing to announce right now," the president said, considering the promotion of the second North American summit early next year. So we will continue to strive for this.

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